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Banks: Is a New Glass-Steagall Good News? My comment to Ben Levisohn of Barrons

Hello Ben, I helped work on Gramm Leach Bliley (beginning when it would have been D’Amato Leach Bliley). I met Rep Jim Leach at the 2000 Republican National Convention while a NY delegate for Senator John McCain. When I met Rep … Continue reading

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Historical Cost/Accrual Accounting vrs “Fair Value” Accounting and how it facilitates Pirating the Time Value of Money

(Posted by Andrea Psoras on September 26, 2010 at 3:09am originally on on 26 Sept 2010 at original link (broken link) Historical Cost Basis Accrual accounting versus Fair Value Basis Accounting and using the ‘harmonized’ but in reality, eroded … Continue reading

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Opposition to Basel III comment to banking regulators for due process; CFR: 12 CFR 217; 12 CFR 324; 12 CFR 3 Action: Joint notice of proposed rulemaking for the 22 October 2012 Comment; Document Citation: 77 FR 52887; Page: 52887 -52975 … Continue reading

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EU strategy for commercial and cultural asymmetric ‘war’ In the fall of 2010, while attending a conference on ‘transatlantic’ law, I began to contemplate the comments and demeanor of the German experts (lawyers, media, bureaucrats) that Germany was still waging … Continue reading

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