Psoras, Andrea: Structured, Thermogenic Diet or “The Diet”

Psoras, Andrea: Structured, Thermogenic Diet or “The Diet” (

Note – to Bob Chapman (RIP) I am somewhat indebted for alerting me about Agent Orange soy and Agent Orange corn*

Subject: diet and antioxidants includes list on what to go ORGANIC vrs what not to because of the expense except for the pesticides on those veg/fruit not going organic. ‘Herbal’ list at the ‘end’ of the doc.

Introduction: With or without exercise, it is relatively easy to loose weight and/or enjoy better quality of life with this structured diet which uses a sequencing strategy starting first with liquids then eating food groups especially excluding/AVOIDING any gmo grain product coated with herbicides and animal product having Genetically Modified Organism(s) or ingredients, also known as “GMO” and associated herbicides (mainly Round-up, a high phosphorous herbicide and 2,4D, a dioxin ingredient herbicide).

WE NEED to rid our food supply and environment and thus OUR DIETS of GMO and associated herbicides*:!documentDetail;D=APHIS-2010-0103-4699 and live-stock pharma (bio-engineered product and associated herbicides) of any sort in the source animals.

Although this is not a comprehensive list of gmo ‘crops’, the main items and derivatives of these ‘crops’ are all chemical and biological warfare in the food supply, on your fork, your plate and for which you paid money at the supermarket, at the restaurant, etc, for them (policy ‘makers’ and a level above them who have contempt for you and your life, liberty and pursuit of happiness) to diminish the quality of your life and health and it is for these reasons that the regulatory framework was pummeled to let these dastardly items and ‘ingredients’ into your food to harm your earthen vesel and shorten your life, while sleazying your money from you.

Avoid: GMO -this list captures the main gmos in the US food supply – ‘processed’ food and environment:

  1. Soy and that includes soy lecithin as well as any meat, poultry, turkey, pork that would be fed this ‘grain’ because the herbicide and gmo engineering remain robust in some degree to hurt the livestock and you after you eat it as soy or in the BBQ pork ribs, – unless these were organic, and/or completely grass fed. “Free” range can be fed gmo grains, and “natural” both are labels which misrepresent safety and quality. Paper is ‘natural’ but you wouldn’t think to eat it even though it is safer for you to eat paper than gmo soy, which also has formaldehyde in it. Formaldehyde is a class 1 carcinogen and nothing you need in your diet.

  2. Corn and all derivatives unless either certified non -gmo or white corn, which is a small crop, short growing season, and doesnt have the ‘dent’ in the kernel. “Dent” corn is the gmo; it’s the ‘meal’ corn that is used in your Kelloggs corn flakes, et al as well as fed to your livestock you find in your supermarkets, aka, ‘grain’ fed. Avoid this food.

  1. Sugar-beets and the sugar in your candy, cereal, drinks of all sorts not labeled CANE SUGAR. Thank God, that Cane sugar is not GMO’d.

  1. Cotton seed – often among the vegetable oils and fed to hogs. States that grow gmo cotton have the highest obesity rates, the highest birth defect rates, infertility rates and lowest life expectancy in the 50 states of the US.

  1. Rapeseed and canola, also are ‘vegetable oils’ alleged to have low or no ‘transfats’. It’s idiotic to have issues over transfats when the herbicides and gmo will cause more harm and make hydrogenated fats a problem.

  2. Papaya, and zucchini and yellow summer squash and now also some apples and some potatoes are now allowed into the food supply. Again, go organic on these items.

Again – GMO foods/grains and associated permutations in processed foods: corn, soy, alfalfa, rapeseed, canola, sugar beets and sugar beet sugar (papaya, and zucchini and summer yellow squash) as this is used in virtually all juices, candy, and other similar sweeteners. Cane sugar actually is not GMO and is safer than GMO. SAFE NON GMO foods – all the greens, most of the fruit except papaya, avocado and yellow apples, some granny smith, sugar beet sugar. Look for the 4 digit tag or the 5 digit tag starting w/9.

On root vegetables anyway one should go organic.

This also is a low phosphorus diet (see bot of pg 1, top of pg 2) which attempts to avoid heavily herbicided/insecticided foods although that’s another body of knowledge for another time.

This food and strategy endeavors to achieve this while providing better nutrition, and killing candida Albicans – a yeast related, opportunistic and competing organism that lives parasitically in the bodies/digestive tracts, lungs, mouths, etc, of most people. The Diet promotes thermogenics. Thermogenics is when the metabolism is increased using foods that lead the body -contribute to burning body fat and/or where the food itself needs more energy to burn than the calories the food gives back to the body.

One will find this nutritious diet effective for youthful vigor, weight loss -if one wishes to use it for that purpose as the diet is a modified Fit-for-Life with Atkins**’ higher protein, lower carbohydrate, low phosphorus diet. Atkins however has little fruit and virtually no carbohydrates, while “fit-for-life” suggests eating fruit AT BREAKFAST ONLY before 12pm, but at lunch and dinner eating vegetables while at the same meal avoiding eating proteins with carbohydrates. For example, eat vegs + starch at one meal, while at next meal eating vegs + protein such as meat or fish or poultry or eggs), and suggests to avoiding eating after 7pm.

Including a faster metabolism and well-being, benefits are improved blood flow to the brain when one avoids eating proteins and carbohydrates at the same meal. The calorie burn also is far better by eating starches at a different meal than meats/proteins, etc and eating vegetables FIRST at both lunch and dinner – before one eats the more complex food such as a carb OR meat.

Again avoid all YEAST, including that in beer. Atkins’ book has an entire chapter on yeast (although Atkins writes about this when cattle became feed-lotted with steroids and pharma-antibiotics, and candida which flares when people eat feed lot cattle with that pharma /antibiotic and steroid contamination and thus the sugar-comfort food cravings) and its negative impact on the body, mind and emotions. Stumbling on both his insights and mine may be liberating for the user of this diet and/or supplements. People became more yeast sensitive with pharma in the feedlot livestock meat. Avoid this and go to grass fed and organic on meat, poultry, milk, eggs etc.

Candida Albicans and its pathology

The yeast family organism by the name of candida albicans causes many health problems often passed off as other problems. As a bane of the contemporary world and civilized life, Candida Albicans, or “c Albicans” is a living organism that will compete with you for the nutrition that you put into your body, while also competing for squatting space in your brain, lungs, stomach, mouth, lower digestive tract – anywhere in your body that is soft, damp dark tissue. It will circulate through your blood and will root in the liver. Rooting in the Liver, candida will cause the liver to produce, thicker, gunkier, dirtier blood. While depriving and killing the candida, perhaps parasites and other negative bacteria, the point of this structured food strategy using superior quality calories is optimal nutrition for one’s body and soul, and sense of well-being.

Heavy proliferation of candida may be a precursor to liver cirrhosis, lung problems, colon & stomach problems, perhaps even melanosis coli stubborn weight gain which also probably is a by-product of gmo+herbicides which foul with the digestive tract’s enzymes. This fouls with the digestive process that also can contribute to weight gain. The Candida’s chemistry ie, its ‘pathology’ in people usually are the physiological root of most cravings (as well as perhaps feeling fatigued, sleepy, depressed, depression, irritable and habits such as eating for ‘comfort’ or eating when depressed or nervous, lack of concentration/mental focus, cigarette smoking, craving for alcohol. When detoxing, sometimes I’ve gotten that skin-crawling-listlessness and occasional nausea which passes after up to a few hours, but is quite annoying while enduring it).

Candida is related to other spores such as molds, mushrooms, etc. THESE ORGANISMS WHILE DYING OFF will produce cramps and gas and WILL AND DO HAVE THEIR OWN CRAVINGS, WHERE WHILE DYING THE CANDIDA ORGANISMS WILL IMPART ‘HUNGER’ FOR THAT WHICH THEY ARE HUNGRY – COMFORT FOOD (any of the above that has ingredients such as sugar that usually help proliferate their life cycle) – THEY WILL IMPART THAT HUNGER CHEMISTRY TO THE ‘HOSTS’ Who is YOU! Your BRAIN, LUNGS, AS WELL AS IMPART THEIR PATHOLOGICAL CHEMISTRY TO OUR MINDS (AS THE ORGANISMS’ DEATH CHEMISTRY exists, AND IMPARTS that chemistry TO US) which produces THAT ‘FEELING’ DEPRESSED*, ANXIOUS, REJECTED, DEJECTED, WORTHLESS, NEGATIVE, EMOTIONALLY VULNERABLE. These sorts of ’emotions’ also can be from the wifi pollution that baths us undetectable to the naked eye, but has communication in it that only at higher band widths can the ear hear. At lower band widths, the wifi will carry communication that is inaudible however because those waves operate at roughly the same wave length as brain waves, the brain receives this wifi communication and processes it, whereby the person thinks it is oneself, rather than realizing it is independent of one’s mind. This Diet isn’t quite the forum for explaining what else is going on with society that the individual is encountering and can influence one’s reasoning including diet choices and even influence what happens in one’s body or exacerbates the clean up process from candida albicans and transitioning to a clean, thermogenic diet.

Candida organisms cause cravings for, and the desire to ‘taste “Comfort food” such as bread/yeast, dairy, sweets, alcohol*, tobacco, drugs. As I’d mentioned above, some of their chemical blow back signs are depression, PMS and cramps, phlegm, slow colon (even organic soy will slow the colon in some people, but gmo soy is a terrible addative and it and candida probably also spur melanosis coli in some people’s colons, sinus headaches and migraines (although regular migraines and bi-polar are from a parasite which has positioned itself on the hypothalamus and imparted its own chemical interference with one’s brain chemistry). (NOTE TO alcoholics – Alcoholics frequently have poor diets and often have severe candida problems. Getting them immediately to optimal, anti-candida nutrition will give you better traction against the alcoholism). Poor diet with antibiotic polluted dairy and livestock (ie, ‘treated livestock, poultry, eggs, cheese, etc) and red meat from feed lot livestock and/or livestock fed grains, devoid of B-12, excessive amounts of beer and alcohol, and insufficient exercise, sleep, sunshine all together or abundance alone promote candida proliferation colon, uterus lungs, brain and mouth.

The glyphosate ie, the high phosphorus herbicide by monsanto ie Roundup (and high sweets-comfort food diet) fertilizes the Candida Albicans which are ‘opportunistic’ organisms, which means they plume when the body’s run-down condition permits their proliferation. These organisms are negative and dysfunctional in the body, and will reduce one’s vitality when simultaneously competing for proper nutrition against the beneficial bacteria in our bodies. The candida generally will proliferate over the good bacteria in one’s digestive tracts, UNLESS one takes proper nutrition and life style steps, as well as a separate supplement first thing in the morning and before meals, such as a lacto bacillus supplement. Lacto bacillus “LB” products such as All Flora (use if possible one without soy), or Daily Dophilius by Country Life (although the flax seed in this is a problem for people coming out of phosphorous problems), or Kyodophilous, and Primadophilus bifidum, are effective. LB are important organisms although from foods such as yogurt, beets, carrots, radicchio one can find natural lacto bacillus. Enzymes too are key. Rainbow Light has a good enzyme product except for the tumeric, which is another high phosphorous herb.

GMO and herbicides such as dioxin (2,4D), glyphosate (Round-up), and high phosphorous aggravate-flair the yeast and candida. And the bio-tech of the feed-lot growth hormones and associated animal (and people) antibiotics also spur the candida/yeast problems. Actually going organic significantly lessens the problems of phosphorous blowback, because going organic minimizes the gmo and Roundup (glyphosate, which is high phosphorous) in the body. Foods such as organic poultry or quinoa or kasha/ buckwheat or organic peanuts or nuts are less aggravating and less likely to cause fluid retention after a period of time. Otherwise the Round-up and any additional phosphorous load contributes to fluid retention, sciatica, bloat, numb limbs, feet, hands, and other build-up of phosphorous in the capillaries, even sore teeth roots. Cycle out of all foods with gmo ingredients & herbicide contamination and do large doses of dandelion in any form, black raspberry (battery of OPCs), vits E, C, and fish oils and evening primrose oil caps ALL from non gmo origins.

Other Physiological blow back from yeast Remember yeast is a living organism and spore. GMO and herbicides which themselves make gunky blood and harm the liver, but the GMO and herbicides contribute to Yeast gunking up-fouling up the liver with its own root system, interfering with the proper functioning of the liver to cleanse the blood, causing the liver to pass along dirtier, thicker blood, while causing body odor and the other candida problems, etc. Eliminating GMO/herbicides, yeast and most white refined sugar (especially GMO beet sugar) and/or dirty dairy (antibiotic and stimulant hormone laced, and full of parasites such as shigella and e-coli causes gas and PMS like chemistry and thus those moods and emotions in men and women.

On Children, Babies and their taste buds/desire for ‘sweets’ picky eating and colic:

If you ate sweets, bread and a great deal of dairy and eggs from antibiotic and hormone treated and feedlot/gmo grain fed dairy cows and chickens, and indulged your Candida while you were pregnant, your children usually will be born with Candida Albicans. You can remedy this with cleaning up your diet while breast feeding although babies will be sensitive to the garlic and other quality anti-oxidant Candida killing upgrades in your diet. This will cause them some gas until their Candida are killed.

I am not certain if this takes a day, a week or a month, however avoid giving them formula from soy and other grains from gmo crops, and avoid formula from milk with the dairy from cows treated with stimulant hormones and antibiotics especially if you are avoiding this yourself, avoid also using soy based formulas as well as BigPharma formulas in general. If you are getting proper nutrition and vits/anti-oxidants, that will pass into breast milk. While they are growing, avoid foods with white refined sugar, sodas and other ‘juices’. Clean water and clean milk from non-antibiotic polluted, non-gmo alfalfa fed livestock will be the better beverages for them with limited amounts of quality pure, non sweetened, juices not from concentrates. And if they’ve been given vaccines, make certain they get sufficient B vitamins, using baby vitamins that one can find at the better health food stores. Or Go to vacuum packed organic such as Parmalat’s vacuum packed milk OR TRADER JOES GALLON ORGANIC MILK- I FREEZE THIS AND IT CAN BE THAWED AND REUSED – AND I BOIL IT) from the diet, generally eliminates body and scalp odor and the ‘garlic on the breath’ after used as a liver cleanse or cold remedy won’t be so bad, but several cloves of chopped garlic in kefir (drinkable yoghurt of dairy from untreated animals – home made kefir from boiled non-pharma milk is best) and taken at night or first thing on an empty stomach is good for the liver and to get rid of colds.

Diet suggestions and tips – avoid all GMO grains and foods with GMO ingredients from those grains that also are polluted with the herbicides* and unwind from the GMO insecticide characteristic -which is an e coli like behavior. THERE IS virtually NO PROCESSED FOOD ON THIS STRATEGY by going to a diet that is: yeast free, processed food free, white sugar -free, bleached-bromated white refined flour free strategy, ie eliminating all foods with yeast, and all processed foods. This includes no bullion cubes, no lipton packaged soups. No fruit juices except 100% pure fruit juice so to avoid the gmo sugar beet sugar.

There are Non Yeast breads sold at the better health food stores found in their freezer cases. One needs to read ingredients in any processed carbohydrate as yeast is found in saltines, most crackers and virtually all pretzels, so low fat or low sugar isn’t always the issue, it’s also a yeast issue and what feeds the yeast spores for reasons I explained. Then there are the GMO vegetable oils in many foods. Those also carry the herbicide load and are toxic to health and slow the metabolism.

On this diet there is no yeast bread, or other yeast products, refined white sugar, or things made with white or brown sugar, or in general processed food, except matzo or similar cracker such as Ryevita. Further, eliminating virtually all white refined flour and white refined sugar mitigates cholesterol build-up and plaque in the circulatory system. Bleached and bromated white flour – this and white refined sugar gunk up the liver, and reduce efficiency in proper fat digestion and cholesterol ‘development’/use.

As a result – use breads without yeast, sometimes, although even some slow rise and natural rise are with yeast, however, ask – known as ‘slow rise’ or ‘natural sour’ found in the better health food and sometimes better super markets. I would not recommend this and I have suffered when taking the risk on bakery ‘slow rise’ or natural sour bread. Plain Matzo and pasta are safer.

This Diet recommends dairy and meat from grass ONLY-fed livestock, while avoiding feed lot cattle (most red meat and pork at this point unless labeling states otherwise – this generally is the meat found in the supermarket meat section and will not state it is ‘feedlot’ although it may say ‘corn fed’ or grain-fed or even black angus, unless it is labeled ‘grass-fed’. Even “natural is a bogus label which doesn’t mean the meat was from livestock raised eating grass its entire lifetime.

These too have been fed GMO grains, gmo alfalfa, gmo beets and are contaminated with that and dangerous herbicides) processed meats, etc, hot dogs, sausages, and meat w/livestock medicines such as antibiotics or growth hormones and processed/artificial smoked fish, farmed fish, or pharmaceutically treated fish, poultry, livestock, or hogs and all also excluding artificially smoked meats. Avoid ‘pulled’ beef and pork, both which have vinegar and often also are from feedlot livestock and hogs.

Similar to Atkins, The Diet recommends fresh fruits/vegs/ organic kefir, and organic eggs, and perhaps some occasional whole grains such as buckwheat or river rice, but NOWHERE NEAR THE CARBS AND/OR YEAST CURRENTLY FOUND IN MOST DIETS.

*LIST OF WHAT TO BUY THAT’S ORGANIC in this list: milk, eggs, grass fed meat only, poultry, US cheese.

NON GMO here ARE OK in this group-list: olive oil, palm, coconut, peanut, sunflower, VEGS green leafy, avoid iceberg lettuce because of all the insecticides on it. Use escarole, dandelion, green chard, mustard and turnip greens; European cheese as long as it is from grass fed only live stock and that is difficult to know unless organic which in most cheese from the UK one shouldnt assume is grass fed only, and wild fish only.

Ecoli – the insecticide characteristic contributes to eating at soft tissue – liver, colon-sigmoid colon, perhaps also the heart, however what was genetically engineerered into the grains to eat at larvae eating at roots of gmo crops, this characteristic remains robust across the ‘kingdom’ boundaries, up through the food chain. It will eat at the soft tissue of livestock and people, and people eating livestock which have eaten the gmo, after a delayed period of time will encounter colon or other organ problems that the medical profession has made spurious correlations to other roots, rather than properly attributed to gmo the tissue eating problems playing out in the organs, digestive tracts, circulatory systems of people.

On Cholesterol, and lipid issues such as sciatica

This diet has virtually no white refined sugar or bleached white flour both, nor processed foods with GMO/herbicides all which gunk up the liver and foul with clean cholesterol production that the body needs for itself for nervous system and proper brain nerve/chemistry function. Without what are clean fats and lipids that the body and nerves produces for itself, the body by way of the nerves will ‘electrocute’ itself. Sciatica and cramps are an example of this. The nerves in the muscles and brain need the proper cholesterol and clean fats (omega 3,9, vit e, unsaturated fats), so small amount of clean cholesterol one ingests via organic eggs and organic milk given the other foods , greens, and vits like the Deva Vit E, the Oil of Evening Primrose, the Fish oil, and the Astaxanthin on this diet deters bad cholesterol buildup.

The diet includes many fresh fruit and vegetables – grapefruit, including other items for metabolic increase and cruciferous vegetables, fat burners, grass fed livestock while avoiding feed lot, hormone fed dairy and livestock, all which counter any negative effects of clean cholesterol in the diet. REMEMBER this diet avoids all processed food, food with gmo and herbicide ingredients, and triglycerides are found in ALL OF THAT. Chicken and Eggs from poultry raised on organic grains and without antibiotics or other pharma used on poultry on this diet are ok and perhaps the clean milk, which naturally have ‘cholesterol’ but from clean livestock, will be safe for one’s circulatory system.

Avoid food cooked in or cooking in metal pots, pans – unless enamel or ceramic lined. Cook in oven/stove Pyrex or ceramic, or enamel lined cookware – Martha Stewart, corning, Pyrex, a French brand for enamel lined all are very good. AVOID ALUMINUM FOIL OR ALUMINUM OF ANY SORT NONE, NOT EVEN FAST FOOD CONTAINERS…. ASK FOR THE PLASTIC or paper take-out containers on this structured eating plan.

Avoid sweets and products of beet sugar – as this is gmo, (and cane white sugar minimize although cane isn’t gmo), processed food, yeast/bread, items with baking power especially those with include aluminum or phosphates**. If possible avoid leavenings and also IF POSSIBLE, substitute YOGHURT OR MOLASSES FOR THE ACID TO ACTIVATE if one is using baking SODA. I’ve done a great deal of baking however and actually one can avoid any leavening agents except cream of tarter or organic egg whites beaten stiff, unless the recipe doesn’t call for eggs. Most cookies and baked goods however call for leavening which can be eliminated from the recipe with very little negative impact and taste difference. Baking times may be a little longer depending on how dense the batter is.

** DANDELION (and enzymes) HELPS ADDRESS THE HIGH PHOSPHOROUS MATTER – DANDELION TEA, GREENS, CAPSULES, ROOT – Note on phosphorus, phosphates and oxalic acid/phytic acid foods foul the circulatory system, liver, kidneys. AVOID or at least LIMIT concentrations of these which one finds in baking powder, oats, fonio (an African grain) Quinoa, buckwheat, soy, peanuts, nuts in general, cheese, poultry, colas and naturally carbonated beverages are bad for oxygen flow in the muscles, spinach (raw is worse than cooked), coffee, chocolate, ‘black’ and ‘green’ tea, chocolate.

The candida love certain chemicals and the “inflammation” – the swelling is their allergic reaction as well as the phosphorus blow-back on the body perhaps acting as fertilizer to the candida. I also get this reaction from nitrates and nitrates in most smoked foods, smoked fish but not from naturally salty foods such as celery. I also suggest higher use of dandelion tea, dandelion herbal capsules, dandelion root and dandelion greens which are effective in mitigating phosphorus concentrations. And go organic, ie free of gmo and herbicides!

This diet will generally fix circulation problems and high blood pressure, with the use of the L-carnitine to deal with fat buildup in the body, perhaps blood vessels. Generally, the diet will also eliminate fluid retention if one avoids the high phosphorous, high phosphate, and refined foods/refined sugars, vinegars, and avoids yeast/bread products generally avoiding what flares the candida albicans, when aggravated will produce fluid retention and stiffness in the joints due to the fluid retention.

Use some sea salt and/or ‘fish’ sauce, an Asian condiment found in Asian food stores. Avoid sodas-carbonated beverages, or coffee/tea as these will impair the proper function of the kidneys. Sometimes I chew bitter cola one can buy sometimes at West African stores but a ginseng supplement is also ok.

Switch to Yerba Mate, a South American beverage found in many of the Latin and South American bodegas in New York and perhaps elsewhere. One also on the web find Yerba Mate and can mail order it. Put yerba mate in a search engine and that should produce sites from which one may order the beverage. Mate has vits B5, B6, potassium and magnesium.

Boil all milk (organic) although most people can handle any negative bacteria in organic dairy. Boil Dairy in stove top capable ceramic, Pyrex, Corningware or enamel lined stainless steel or enamel lined cast iron. Boil or cook all dairy before eating accept yogurt –organic stonyfield is ok – plain is best, however home made kefir is better and easy to make… Switch to ORGANIC (TRADER JOES and Whole Foods 1 GALLON CONTAINERS WHICH CAN BE FROZEN) or any other that says it does not use the PbST or the rBST hormone in the milk ie from ‘untreated’, grass fed only cows, or is organic. Typically if farmers are avoiding using stimulant hormones, they also will avoid using/abusing their cows dairy pharma/antibiotics.

The dairy antibiotics cause serious problems such as disruption in the liver, and gut chemistry, and skin lesions as a result from their impact on the physiology as well as the eventual candida and parasitic build up in the digestive tract that will cause skin lesions and other deleterious conditions in the body, scalp/skin. If they’re using gmo grains however the cows will get sick and will need pharma unless the cows go grass fed and hay only/NON GMO-non gmo alfalfa.

To make ones own kefir (drinkable yogurt): boil the milk (to kill the bacteria – watch it, however it shouldn’t boil over unless it’s been cut with water) half gallon milk using better names such as organic or vacuum packed Parmalat Organic which does not have to be boiled because it already has the bacteria killed. Neither have the Pbst or rBst Hormone) in an enamel lined pot or boil in ceramic bowl in oven. Let cool to room temperature or refrigerate.

And unless in a half gallon plastic, capable container – already having a previous mixture and one is replenishing, otherwise open 4 lacto bacillus capsules into cooled mixture and cap and shake, or if still in large bowl – stir in and let sit overnight in a warm place to ‘yog’…. It will thicken and will get even thicker when cold. Have this with fruit, alone before in the mornings with the capsules, with other gut cleanse products when mixed with filtered water… or at night with chopped garlic or for tzatziki… It is a loose yogurt and can be used in place of butter milk, kefir! (or replace (clabbered) milk /use baking soda in baked goods and back with either milled dried cane juice, but no white refined sugar, and perhaps turbanado, molasses, organic honey ( on from hives far away from gmo crops), maple syrup, rice syrup (rice too now often is contaminated with arsenic), corn syrup – but this isn’t the best thing to use as corn virtually always now is Genetically modified.

Condiments, Vinegar, and Legumes

Avoid these in as much as possible if one is very candida- craves pizza, bread, other similar comfort foods, sweets of any sort even diet sweeteners, diet sodas and obsessions with any of this, habitually indulging in any sort of this, rationalizing it, feeling it is necessary to taste or have SWEET – unless it is a piece of fruit at breakfast or before some sort of fitness, an afternoon lift or after dinner break.

While beginning and on this diet, one is killing the candida and other bad bacteria which actually cause the cravings (and one must eliminate the use of ) for sweet, vinegar, soy sauce, alcohol, etc as candida dwells in one’s body and circulates through the blood stream: ears, nasal cavities, nose, mouth, brain and lungs (for cigarette smoke, which has the sugar from the tobacco leaves, and the brain and lungs crave it and the nicotine). So these negative organisms in their life cycle will die anyway, and as a result their life cycle will crave sweets and the above listed things that promotes their thriving which to you is headaches, sinus problems, depression, foggy mindedness, anxiety, poor circulation, gas and gastrointestinal problems.

This Diet also excludes all SOY in any form. Soy is a legume on which the candida feed. I suggest also utterly avoiding GMO foods such as non-organic corn, soybeans; virtually all corn and soybean product, canola, rapeseed, cotton seed, beet sugar are from GMO. Moreover, Soy is not native to the ‘western’ diet. And, given its amino acid profile because of its glutamine content beyond that of normal-meat protein, as a protein Soy is inferior to wild fish or meat from grass fed livestock, and or organic poultry, however, if one eats those grains and legumes, go organic. Even organic soy can slow the colon, so I suggest for those who are legume sensitive, to avoidd even organic soy.

Avoid vinegar in general as the candida thrive on it. Vinegar gives me three or more days of fluid retention, and gurgling gut. One finds vinegar in most condiments. So avoid those and make your own mayonnaise and mustard. There are recipes for these and one can substitute lemon juice for vinegar. One will find Vinegar in virtually all ricotta and cottage cheeses, and of course in many cured and pickled foods, olives and yes without question virtually all bottled salad dressings. As a general diet clean-up, the diet avoids use of commercial mayonnaise (unless home made with lemon juice and olive oil), soy sauce, vinegar, mustard, catsup. And if you use them, you may have a swelling, fluid retention reaction.

The candida in the mouth are craving to taste sweet. Understand this and avoid letting this/these spores manipulate you. So deny the spores their lust to proliferate their lifestyle at your expense, and bless yourself in the process. The more powerful and greater proliferation of their chemistry and pathology of these negative organisms in the body, mouth, tissues such as digestive tract, that chemistry’s signal in our minds and mouths is to crave, feel sleepy, grouchy, PMS, depression, a number of different manifestations at different times…while the candida want to live and steal nutrition from the beneficial organisms and our bodies’ needs.

Sequential eating At a meal, first have hot beverages such as herb tea or soups. Then if you’re inclined to drink things like tomato juice, something like tomato juice have these after the hot beverage or soup – no hard and fast rule about hot before cold, but I do hot first. Then have the vegetables and/or fruit ( I GENERALLY do fruit AT BREAKFAST ONLY), but after any capsule supplements that one takes. The new info on the capsules is that when from commercial cow bone gelatin, these have pollutants, MSG and gmo in them, optional – break open the capsules and put into kefir or vegetable juice before the meal.

After eating the fruit at breakfast, then if you want vegetables, celery or cabbage, etc have these and then after that, one would eat their carbohydrates or proteins. At breakfast last – eat hard boiled organic eggs, as there is nothing in this diet to promote problems with the cholesterol in the eggs, one can eat as many organic eggs as one wants, although one should increase the use of garlic and dandelion in any/all forms in the diet to cleanse the liver… On this diet I suggest using only organic when eating root vegetables … where the most pesticides and polluting fertilizers are used. At one point I was avoiding produce from Texas, where I’d heard there farms use human effluent for fertilizer. Human effluent, ie, human sewage is very polluted. I phoned the farmer however and spoke with the manager to drill down on the accusation; I was told that no such thing was used by that ag enterprise of which I was finding that produce in my NYC supermarkets.

Avoid eating carbohydrates and proteins at the same meal: proteins and carbohydrates, such as pasta or potatoes are not had at the same meal. Eat meat or proteins with vegetables and eat starches with vegetables.

OK: spices, herbs, fresh ground pepper, sea salt, are all fine, even ‘fish sauce’, olive, palm, peanut are OK. Supposedly cider vinegar doesn’t cause inflammation however I haven’t experimented with this.

OK Carbohydrates eaten occasionally and sequenced after vegetables: buckwheat (although this is a high phosphorus grain), organic polenta or cracked (organic or non gmo) corn, other whole grains such as millet, river rice, brown rice although the later 2 are high in phosphorus.

Avoid margarine unless nongmo – although I suggest also avoiding soy even organic or non gmo soy. Use olive oil and organic butter if possible. I also generally avoiding anything from cans, although I will eat canned WILD salmon – you can tell by the date on the can the farther away the expiration date, the fresher the salmon. Or wild, white fleshed fish is also good.

Use grass fed meat, organic poultry or game and fowl

Breakfast. It is better for the metabolism to have a decent morning meal. Start with hot Yerba mate beverage (or Wisdom of the Ancients ‘tea’ bags/boiled water) first. Even Dandelion teas and other like (although I avoid green tea. It gives me inflamation and that’s nothing anyone needs.) KEFIR (home made and organic) or organic yogurt also are important. Then fresh fruit – Green apples -peeled/cored unless organic but wash with soap and water and dry the surface of all fruit whether or not one is paring the fruit, citrus. And/or other fruit… option to include but not necessary although one will feel less hungry for longer and eggs are thermogenic: Hard boiled organic eggs, OR organic oat meal (a high phosphorus grain), or hot cereal or non gmo grits that are unrefined with no white sugar (especially no beet sugar or artificial sweeteners or rice syrup as that also often is from gmo rice) or brown sugar.

Lunch: perhaps fruit first but rather veg juice before then steamed or raw, well washed with a vegetable wash then rinse to eliminate the pesticides unless organic (then washed anyway) fresh vegetables, either more clean protein such as plain yogurt of roasted goat or another sort of grass fed organic meat or – but not at the same meal with pasta, brown rice, or another whole grained boiled/steamed like rice. Perhaps a baked potato not baked in foil AVOID ALUMINUM FOIL. AVOID STAINLESS STEEL AND ALUMINUM POTS AND PANS. For cooking, baking – PREFER ENAMEL LINED, cast iron OR CERAMIC.

Remember avoiding carbohydrates and proteins at the same meal after your vegetables will give you more energy and help your brain/mental activity after your body has somewhat detoxed from candida.

Dinner: – perhaps veg juice before, then raw, steamed or sautéed vegetables, and clean protein, OR complex carbohydrate. Meat or poultry from organic and/or grass fed livestock/poultry or Nuts from the shell or raw nuts from the bulk bins are fine. Avoid dry roasted or when a non-gmo oil is used to coat the nut so that the salt sticks. Nuts and seeds between meals is ok although if dealing with phosphorus buildups, balance with dandelion  in any or all forms. Again, meat and carbohydrates are not eaten at the same meal.

Other product tips, suggestions

Switch to glycerin soap or tea-tree oil and/or Grandpas pine tar soap when you can for face/scalp, and avoid detergents on your skin, etc. I also have begun to use Ivory Soap which is actually very effective to kill bacteria without additives and Kirks coconut-soap, or olive oil soap. Ammonia will cut the film on the bathtub and sink surfaces.


A special supplement for enzymes (Rainbow Light Advanced Enzyme System) is key to improve the digestive process to extract complete nutrition in the food where the enzymes promote improved bio-availability for the body, head … Go with the Vits first, and if purchased all at one time, the entire group can run between $400-$500. Additionally, good vitamins often will have enzymes. My brand is “SuperNutrition”

NOTE: herb capsules sadly often are gmo. Via Amazon and some good enterprises that sell empty non gmo gel caps, I suggest and although time consuming, if bottle says NO GMOs in the product, then the capsules are probably fine. IF however there is no labeling about gmo and the manufacturer’s customer service either confirms no attention to non gmo or fails to respond to at least a couple of attempts for information, then you’ve got gmo capsules. I suggest in the list at the end of this doc, when ordering through amazon, confirm if the product is labeled for NO GMO ingredients. If the manufacturer cared to have no gmo gel caps, often this is labeled and is worth the marginal difference in expense. At some point I will get around to indicating which are non gmo and which are gmo gel caps.

Anti-parasitics and colon products – although all are good for the colon

1) Parazyme made by Renew Life for digestive enzymes, which makes the anti-parasitic I use. And any good anti parasitic as above, Paragone, Parasitin, and any other good herbal anti parasitic will kill candida albicans, although there are also supplements to kill candida albicans. Parasites thrive in a chemistry of contamination…I have suffered from parasites at least Twice – a ruptured appendix (appendicitis is caused by a microscopic parasite behind the appendix), and at another point I passed an enteric parasite. So a diet low in processed foods, most hormone/antibiotic laced commercial dairy with is teaming with shigella and ecoli ( for that reason even organic milk, but generally organic is a little better), sweets, but high in garlic, onions, cruciferous vegetables food from untreated animals diminish parasite aggravation.

The GMO has e-coli also engineered into the grains to serve as an insecticide the monsanto and dow? Scientists designed to ‘kill’ the larvae that eat at the roots of the gmo grains. This insecticide/E-coli characteristic remains robust across physiological boundaries and continues to do harm regardless of the physiological turf: people, insect larvae, hog or cattle gut. This is difficult to remedy using conventional anti-parasitic methods and 1 time use of anti-parasitics, and limited use of herbals, vits and high quality diet.



2)Grapefruit seed extract +other astringent herbals- Nutribiotics

3)Cloves and Wormwood extract – both made by Q-W & Company. the wormwood herbal has cascara. this is good, but to be used cautiously. Perhaps 1 cap at a time and see the effect. One also can make their own capsules of these and buy the empty caps and bulk powders or herbs at a local store or Amazon, or on-line. Wormwood however is a high phosphorous item so i had to go off it.

4)Bentonite or montmorilinite liquid by Sonnes’ No7 treatment or Great Plaines (Sonnes hasn’t gone gmo free on its other items so I stopped using Sonnes) – that helps keep down negative bacteria in the lower digestive tract and very effective if interested on detox efforts and when fighting candida albicans. Very effective although I don’t use every day as others may and do. I use Sonnes’ No. 7 occasionally when I am having blowback from ecoli/shigella. Another capsule known as “Perfect 7” also includes montmorilinite. With regard to other Sonnes products I have encountered misrepresentation with regard to it calling itself an Organic food company, but using GMO soy in its Vitamin C product and GMO papaya seed in its enzyme product, which uses organic beets but has failed to disclose origin of the Papaya as well as the soy. Failure on producer’s part to be willing to disclose ingredient quality or origin often means it’s gmo and/or or risky, or questionable origin like from China were production and agriculture are from a highly polluted environment.

5) Everyday Fiber System Powder – by Rainbow Light (at this time out of production) and has not been put back onto the market. My conversation with Rainow Light management has found it wanting and unprofessional in its fecklessness, or targetted by the NSA to give up ground to restore availability of this effective product. It also has an enzyme product – Rainbow Light Advanced Enzyme System, which is fairly good except for the tumeric, a high phosphorous root. I also use Zoganic’s enzyme product, which has no inflammatory ingredients. 

6)Cleanse Smart by Renew Life, any other gut scrape/gut cleanse product such as the except for the corn silk which concerns me if gmo. Renew Life also has another colon product which has flax seed, a high phosphorous product and unnecessary in this mix to achieve good/better colon health.

6A) Naturalax 1 or 2 or 3. By Nature’s Way. Combinations in various mixes of cascara or aloe vera plus other herbs effective for the colon although none of the Naturalax indicated here include Senna, which is a legume. I avoid Senna in all forms. Naturalax products have laxative properties and will kill candida which if one has a dirty diet or recently cheated, that will cause gas. As these capsules were gmo, I twist apart the cap and pour some of the powder into water with dandelion drops and powdered dandelion root as well also as Great Plaines montmorilinite, and digestive bitters such as “Organic Digest Maple Bitters by Urban Moonshine, which I buy through Amazon.


7) lacto- bacilius supplement often found in the refrigeration case or on the shelf in PB8 or Kyodophilus or All Flora or Country Life’s Daily Dophilus without the soy. Excellent reasonably priced product. I use another Country Life product as well as NOW’s Probiotic -10 (for 10 probiotic strains), “25 Billion”

8a)Dandelion tea (Alvita or Traditional Medicinals), dandelion capsules, dandelion root by Starwest (which I grind to fine powder in my Bullet) and other herb teas like cranberry tea in form more pure than Celestial Seasons and cranberry and raspberry teas are very good for the liver and kidneys. Even the roasted dandelion root, ground up and added to food, water, taken off the spoon works but isnt then focused to do work in the colon that putting it into capsules will do. Also Dandelion root in 1lb bags roasted or dried (Starwest or others which one may find in bulk on Amazon).

I also began using 8b) Olive leaf powder and one can make their own capsules. This is said to be a good blood/liver product. Too soon to tell if it’s effective like dandelion products. Actually however Olive Leaf powder and 8c) Oregano oil caps have made my bowel movements more ‘frequent’?, softer and probably is attacking candida.

9) Tumeric – I make my own 1000 mg caps from the bottled powder fairly easily found and empty gel caps sold in most sophisticated health food stores (see Health and Harmony contact info below) or Amazon. I’ve been off this for a while because tumeric is a high phosphorous herbal.

10)OPC- pycnogenol 100mgs or Pynogenol or French Maritime Pine Bark Extract (by Vitamins Because although this company more than tripled its price for its product which in the past was a great buy and I would buy more and use more), an excellent supplement but I am very sensitive to the green tea extract in it in one of these products that makes a combination of Pycnogenol and green tea…. however, I am sensitive to the green tea extract in anything, so I generally avoid all supplements with green tea and anything with additional phosphate bonded elements such as calcium which is used to add ‘calcium’ unnecessarily while attempting to keep the anti-oxidant ingredients in the body for longer so the green tea acts to slow the function of the kidneys. I also purchased 90x300mg Caps, 100% Pine Bark Extract, 95% Proanthocyanidins, FREE SHIPPING by Lifeline Nutrients

One should take the tablet supplements after food and be certain to take enzymes to promote optimal digestive function to extract optimal nutrition from the supplements for the body’s and brain’s use.

11)OPC –Grape Seed Extract 100mgs, or bilberry (by Natures’ Way); and/or or black raspberry (by Genesis Today), and/or Red Raspberry caps by “Natures Answer

12)Green drink/tablets of spirulina and chlorella – Green Energy by Super Nutrition. or Earthrise Spirulina Greens blend Or E3AFA is another good green product. I’ve purchased Allied Life Spirulina and Chlorella, and E3AFA Blue green algae. Or Earthrise, Supergreens and more as mentioned above. Best Earthrise product in this type, but now gone was its “Ultra Energy Plus”. This was an outstanding product that sadly I suspect the NSA gooned because it was so amazing in terms of welll-being and energy.

13) Germanium Sequioxide (by Jarrow) however, I haven’t used or purchased this in years because I haven’t had the funds.

14)CoEnzyme Q10 at least 100 mcg daily. 300mg-400mg +if fighting tooth aches, tooth root issues


15)Multi Vitamins- SuperNutrition– I buy Men’s Blend which doesn’t have the green tea however has an Iron or a no iron alternative. Its Women’s Blend recently began to include hawthorne berry, flax seed and green tea I had to stop using that line because of those new inflammatory additives, but the company has other multis that it didn’t foul with the ingredients to that same degree, such as the Men’s Blend. I buy with Iron, that given the amount of Vit C I use, there is no gunky blood issues with more iron than my body may need. Suddenly after eating a great deal of the ‘junk’ items while at a conference, and that junk of course was seriously contaminated with gmo+herbicides, my menstral cycle VANISHED nearly immediately after that particular stumble and it never returned. For a number of months afterwards, I also had joint problems and without question, given how careful my diet is, it was the gmo from all that junk that I’d eaten that afternoon while at that conference.

16)Vit C American Health and Rainbow Light 1000 mg tablets or capsules. I take at least 6000 mgs-10,000 mgs daily. With the Rainbow Light brand you have to wash off the gmo soy lecithin coating the vit. High dosages of Vit C will kill problems in the teeth and teeth roots. I suggest avoiding the commercial toothpastes with fluoride. Switch to the natural nonfluoride. Also Ester C is a good Vit C product – by American Health

17)Vit E – Deva brand (non gmo) at least 400mgs daily at least unless very active and then in THAT case take 1200mgs, on a low fat diet and on fat burners such as L-Carnitine, then use 800mgc to 1200mgs. Go non GMO.

18)Vit B complex Solgar Megasorb use if without soy lecithin or other gmo ingredients

19) Gentle Iron + vits C, B-12, Folic Acid. Nature’s Bounty – not bad for a plebe brand.

I now also take a Vit D NatureWise Vitamin D3 in organic olive oil (5,000 IU) product, and went non-gmo on this.


20)Oil of evening primrose, (Sports Research) is better than borage or flax seed which aren’t bad. Sports Research is non gmo

21)fish oil capsules –Krill or Nordic Naturals Complete Omega 3-6-9

22) Astaxanthin – by Sports Research –a fish oil family superfood for nerves, muscles, joints

Other superfoods

23)royal bee jelly and bee pollen. YS and Burts, Shiloh Farms are very good, however go organic to be gmo and herbicide free.

24)a good garlic supplement – Garlicin and any of the others are fine or a garlic w/selenium supplement

25)Kyolic “108” and “106”. Very good garlic supplement although one of them has Hawthorne, which is high phosphorus and I avoid that.

26)Colostrum and permutations of colostrums although this has phosphotodyl choline, and can tend to contribute to inflammation if detoxing from Round-up

27)Cayenne – and other thermogenic herb products; any good name to also kill negative bacteria in digestive tract and heart cavity. It/these also is/are good for metabolism. Some people are sensitive to ‘nightshade’ including all hot peppers, green peppers, eggplant (take out the seed/pulp core of this), cherries, tomatoes, potatoes (peel the skin of these).

28)Nature’s Way Urinary Plus Cranberry or any good pure cranberry herbal and other Nature’s Way herbal combinations are very good. Nature’s Way also has Dandelion capsules and other combinations with dandelion such as Leg Veins although this combination has horse chestnut which is hard on people very sensitive to high phosphorus foods. I also purchased Whole Fruit Cranberry powder in 1lb bulk form by Nubeleaf through Amazon.

29)fat burner such as L-carnitine a safe supplement, although you will need to take extra Vit E which is the nerve cushion/fat soluble vitamin… if on fat burners and low fat diet, you will need more Vit E (and other fat soluable vits) to protect the nerves and prevent ‘self-electrocution’ when the nerves emit electro chemicals in order to make the muscles function and if that process is impaired by ‘free radical’ build up and nerve cushion problems from insufficient E, then in the tissues that remains and muscles are further polluted with more body and environmental pollution.

30)Super Lysine Plus (this is the name of the product) made by Quantum\ except for the Tri-calcium phosphate in this, which I find a problem and as a result, I infrequently use this product


Linda R. PageHealthy Healing; Hulda R. ClarkThe Cure for All Diseases.

Health and Harmony (listed with information in New York, NY on Hudson Street below Grove in the West Village By phone: 212 691 3036/fax 212 691 0855) in Manhattan. One can order via phone.  The Proprietor is Ramsey or other management such as Tarique will take your order and ship I think UPS or USPS, and tell them if you order from them that I recommended the store to you. If you order a fair amount, he probably will give you some sort of discount although I cannot promise that. His prices are reasonable however, and if you shop there regularly and in abundance, he sometimes omits charge for some small items.

I also shop at Westerly Market on 8th Ave, at W. 54th. One may order by phone or web.

The antioxidant/supplements are not a cheap part of the strategy, however, the food part of the strategy is generally inexpensive – processed food usually costs more than unprocessed food so in the short and long run, even if one is switching in some cases to organic, one is spending a better quality dollar than for what was previously spent for and wasted on processed food.

Read the Gospels for the interaction of the Lord Yeshua and the people when they needed healing and wholeness. Notice that the Levitical diet in that time was what people used. Food in that era was either ‘clean’ adhering to Levitical law or unclean. There was no processed food or BigPharma antibiotics and other BigPharma drugs used on the people today. Although people are sick and infirmed from sin and iniquity/sins of the fathers and lawlessness then as well as today, today people make their lives worse via sedentary life style, processed food and bigPharma, medtech/mengele medical profession corruption and pollution.

The US medical system is a volume based revenue model. This means that the more people ignorated to fall in and remain in it are the way the system makes money and self-enriches by parasiting off of the peoples’ ignorance.

The Lord is a rewarder of them who diligently seek Him. And in seeking Him one gains wisdom and understanding. One also gains faith to trust Him for better quality of life and health, however one also can avoid the medtech system and its operating strategy with the Lord and better nutrition and life style choices.

I have only gotten ‘flu’ when I have had some sort of infection or had eaten junk food and came into contact with cold germs. Once I’d gotten flu when I had a bad tooth infection that later needed root canal, which happened after my dentist had forgotten to deal with a bad cavity and my diet had trended into junk during the holidays and insufficient exercise, not enough antioxidants. Everyone else with that flu, however lost a week of work in bed while in my case with my constitution generally better, I only had the ‘bad cold’/cough.

This diet will prevent (assuming clean personal habits, not living near or on a toxic waste dump or major polluter, and no pets – pets often have parasites and in general make it more difficult to prevent in ones environment bacteria from pet fecal matter), reverse cavities and with the coQ10 in large amounts; fix gall bladder problems – as long as one doesn’t overeat or eat food from animals polluted with antibiotics and Bigpharma livestock pharma, do polluted dairy and put pressure on a problemed gall bladder, generally my diet strategy will also prevent gout. It will hinder if not prevent arthritis (the strategy uses clean fats and avoids the heavy metals from the cookware, other sources which the negative bacteria in the body and joints find useful for thriving in the anaerobic environment) and other auto immune illnesses.

Bless the Lord!

Clean, grass fed livestock and cooking things such as goat meat (from goats not treated with any sort of pharma or fed gmo grains

Roasted Goat or any other game or grass fed livestock- clean, grass fed meat… unless using organic (pure and free of any sort of pharm or gmo grains): US cattle, US lamb, US pork, buffalo, ‘hacked’ or goat shoulder the shank cut in half, or whole is one is going to roast it on a spit or in a large oven but otherwise cut to fit the cookware. Rinse, bake w/lid on the pot at 350F approx 1 hr 50 min to 2 hours depending on the amount of meat in the pot.

Avoid cloned cows/cattle for milk and meat. We’ve got plenty of animals. Why clone something God made just fine? If one takes responsible care of their livestock they can breed the good ones without the problems, but they inbreed, give them hormones, make them sick, give them anti-biotics, and this is the pathetic food supply they attempt to feed to us.

*The US Government is “out there” as death merchants, so if it’s not military hardware, then it’s something like GMO food and associated herbicides. GMO and the associated herbicides are for population reduction and contaminating the environment. Policy going by the name of ‘Sustainability” are pawned off on the people, sleazily destroying them, slowly exterminating them one forkful at a time, while yielding an annuity to nazi part of the medical system and bigPharma. If people trust their life and health to the medical system and bigPharma, it surely will kill them sooner or later. The medical system also will say people have some illness or disease because some people are targets or if perhaps is too ignorant to stand up to the system.  People need to be responsible for their own health and lives, if not by the Lord, even by wisdom that trickles down into the world about food quality and quality of life and other ways of interacting with society and its disorder. This includes in what way you interact with medical system and bigPharma. Using its services and products vs believing it is life-giver and maintainer when it is neither, puts the user at risk for its vanity. This vanity grows by the day as the Day of the Lord is here.

**Atkins authored his diet long before any prolific use of early versions of gmo such as steroids, growth hormones, pharma in the animals and fish and ‘fisheries’. Feedlot cattle became in vogue about that time, but the use of steroids, and other contaminants in their feed has been perhaps only over the last 40 or so years, although feed-lotting also now has been including gmo grains and gmo seeds, and garbage such as processed food. Live stock pollution of such a nature became the reason our Olympic athletes and those involved in professional athletics in which the athletes are tested for performance hormones, the athletes had to go to grass/organic livestock, dairy, poultry and eggs, wild fish, any animal product pure and without contamination of any sort of animal/livestock or fishery pharma so as to not test positive in the athletes’ bodies.

Moreover, dairy pharma: stimulant hormones and dairy antibiotics are known to be a contributing factor in increasing incidence of breast cancer in women. I urge complete elimination of any of these sorts of contaminated animal products and by products from one’s diet.

There also are other problems such as the high-powered, electro-magnetic (ie, ‘directed energy’, Microwave or radio wave) /extremely low frequency wave, and the interference with one’s brain chemistry and now prolific in the environment by way of space based and earth based science/tech, that there are challenges to mankind with regard to the manner in which these technologies present hurdles to the quality of life. Technologies such as HAARP and SQID are neither benefit nor benign to mankind.

Furthermore, the danger in the environment to the gmo and associated herbicides now including war crime chemicals such as “Agent Orange” are not only serious toxins to man, animals and their associated food supply, the natural balance between the environment and fauna and insects that support agriculture and the beautiful environment with which God blessed us all is at risk by the evil schemes of science hijacked and co-opted for the policy of ‘Sustainability’ or that which is the policy interested to see the world’s population reduced by 8/9s. “The Earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof, and they that dwell therein.”




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