M&A: Current Issues and Trends Affecting the Banking Sector. ABA Journal White Paper 2Q94

In 1994 when I first joined KPMG working with Rich Lashley , John Palmer, Chuck Walker, Mike Turillo, Jr, Don Rondblum (God rest his soul) with Rich and Mike, I co-authored “Mergers & Acquisitions: Current Issues and Trends Affecting the Banking Sector”. Prior to Sarbanes Oxley, KPMG partner money was establishing a boutique investment bank with a Broker/Dealer license. KPMG itself was not permitted by law to obtain a Broker/Dealer license and engage in Investment banking activity because public accounting firms are to remain independent of conflicts of interests with the firms they provide assurance and related consulting and tax advisory services. This new independent unit however, at that time going by the name of the “Global Capital Group” was engaging in M&A Advisory work. I was employed from the ‘outside’, ie, not from within KPMG, to bring in M&A skills and experience, with most of my work have dealt with depository (and other financial) institutions. The ABA Banking Journal invited my KPMG group to provide an article (White Paper) which until I have posted it, to my knowledge has not existed nor appeared on line. Moreover in that particular ABA Banking Journal, other professional colleagues also provided articles; Oliver Sarkozy, Michael Martin, and Alex Sheshunoff are among the other contributors.  Saved at that time as a pdf, for some reason, it wouldn’t convert to a document file for beautification.   Notwithstanding, one may see the Table of Contents and article’s original text.

https://www.linkedin.com/messaging/thread/6270256454750601216/ is this same comment with the article in pdf format.









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