Andrea Psoras Resume for Financial Sector Mergers/Acquisitions

Andrea M. Psoras

201 W117th Str #2B  NY, NY 10026 ; (212) 666-2569;


  • Financial Analyst/Financial Sector with strong strategic thought leadership skills: experience consulting to, analyzing predominantly depository and financial institutions. Strong skills in: Financial analysis, research, quantitative analysis with strong commercial intuition and reasoning/problem solving, abilities and experience for M&A-investment banking (combinations/divestitures), credit/counter-party risk, stock or Private equity portfolio investments (industry/macro, credit analysis) using 10Q, 10K, Y9-C, “Call”, TFR, Focus; FR Y-14/“Stress Tests: DFAST, CCAR; Dodd Frank (Resolution Plan) related, consulting business development.
  • Member: NYSSA since 1990 (in process-2016). Passed CFA I.
  • International Bank Credit Trained – formal credit training; 24 credits specific to Accounting. Jul’14 NYC Exam for Staff Analyst Trainee: 78%; Jun15 NYC Civil Service exams score 76% for Analyst, 80% for Assoc Staff Analyst
  • Strong software skills including (spreadsheet) forecasts, strong modeling, building models: MS Office: Excel, Word, Access, Powerpoint, MS Project; Lotus 123, Amipro; FoxPro; dBase; WordPerfect; Bloomberg API spreadsheet building; FactSet product use; QuickBooks; STATA; Sybase; WordPress-website development; some SAS JMP; data mining, data analysis; transactions-projects with multiple stakeholder collaboration.


EMPLOYMENT/CONSULTING: (see also Transactions/Projects/Activities List in WordPress)

    • PLLC Family office/ Independent Consulting (“PLLC”)  Analyst/Consultant                                           (8/08 — Pres)
    • QED International Associates, Inc. (“QEDI”)  Senior Vice President                                  (10/05 – 8/08)
    • Strategic Advisory (“SA”)                 Principal/Analyst                                                            (6/95 – 9/05)
    • KPMG Peat Marwick, LLP (“KPMG”)  Senior Banking Analyst                         
    • Ryan Beck (now part of Stifel Nicolas); Consulting (“IC”)   AVP; Consultant; Contractor
    • Lyons, Zomback & Ostrowski (Advest Group) (“LZO”)       Associate/M&A consulting                                                               

EMPLOYMENT INCLUDING CONSULTING HISTORY (see also Transactions/Projects/Activities List)

PLLC Family office/ Independent Consulting ( PLLC). NY, NY (2008-present): Financial services/related consulting for client and ad hoc projects using Financial Reports: 10Q, 10K, A/R, Y9-C, Call, TFR, Focus and related to these. Public Due Process Comments Letters to FASB, SEC, Fed/BoG, FDIC, OCC, CFTC, USDA, Amicus letters

Capital Markets Advisors, LLC. NY, NY (CMA), Senior Manager (5/12-7/13): Financial services, related consulting, business development.

  • Co-authoring service contracts-agreements with banks,
  • Co-authoring/writing CMA’s business, operating plans, presentations in PowerPoint,
  • Resolution Plans Consulting- foundation/organized/developed presentation, website, website materials for Resolution Plans consulting
  • QED International Associates, Inc. NY (QEDI) Senior Vice President (2005 – 2008): Quantitative consulting
    • Design and developed strategies of: Indexes, quantitative, fundamental analysis; Exchange Traded Funds; trading, investment strategy consulting to asset management, investment, pension, and related communities, Risk/Credit/Portfolio Management product development.
    • Co-authored white papers. Co-authored with Herbert Blank: “When Vice is Nice”, Financial Advisor,” When Sin is Superior”, April 2006 Co-Authored with Michael Carty and Ed Matluck, PhD, “Does the Steel Industry Perform Differently than the Basic Materials Sector?” for Van Eck
    • Strategic Advisory (SA)- Principal. NY, NY Provided strategy consulting to clients, affiliations. Also see following-client engagements (Transactions-Projects List)
  • KPMG Peat Marwick, LLP, (KPMG) Senior Banking (M&A and related; execution side) Analyst, NY, NY. For the Global Capital/Capital Strategies Group promoted in less than a year from Senior Research Analyst. Co-authored ABA Banking Journal White Paper– “Mergers & Acquisitions: Current Issues and Trends Affecting the Banking Sector” .
  • Lyons, Zomback & Ostrowski ((LZO).part of Advest Group), NY, NY. Associate. Fulfilling M&A, strategic advice (execution side) roles. Please see below: “Professional Experience and Skills” for skills, experience; “Transactions List

Prior Professional Experience in the Maritime sector: Norton Lilly Intl, Maersk Line/Moller Steamship

EXPERIENCE: Financial Sector, Related (Also see Transactions-List

M&A and Related Consulting (mostly “Execution” side):

  • LZO, KPMG, SA I co-authored M&A, recap, strategy/strategic plans-strategic planning, business-capital plans (these were predecessors to ‘Resolutions’ Plans) for regulator, client purposes.
  • LZO, KPMG, SA I created, constructed, developed complex, scenario driven interactive Excel, Lotus spreadsheet models with stress testing/scenarios, pro-forma forecasts for business combinations, divestitures, capital planning,/capital adequacy/recapitalizations, private placements, financial and/or credit analysis; modeled mostly retail, (some) commercial, industrial, SNC/‘participations’ loan portfolios – to accompany co-authored materials.
  • LZO, KPMG, SA For execution side of transactions/projects: I engaged in strategic planning consulting, strategic economic and financial analysis collaborating between external, internal stakeholders: senior partners/investment bankers, analysts, clients and/or external parties such as the regulators; “turn-around” work. I also was involved in some business development.
  • LZO, KPMG, QEDI, IC While laws, regulations have been designed to diminish the number of ‘mouths’ feeding at the table of the US economy, for stakeholders – clients, regulators (external) and MDs (internal) I researched/surveyed/co-authored: industry trends, economic/demographic trends, sub-sectors; fairness opinions, regulatory assisted transactions/FDIC resolutions-Resolution plans, Open Bank Assistance Requests/Applications; D’Oenche Doctrine. I also analyzed deposit franchise/branch networks, market/trade areas, calculated Herfindahl (deposit concentration, anti-competition/anti-competitive) analysis; associated scenario driven spread complex interactive sheet models.
  • LZO, KPMG, SA, PLLC Used/analyzed, dealt with definitions, data changes in
  • “TRF”, “Call” reports, UBPRs, BHCPRs (“RAP”) including Examiners/Exam Reports, and GAAP data on North American based financial institutions, other public and private enterprises –
  • understanding, comfortable with data and those definitions that role up into these reports
  • LZO For clients, internal use I worked on the development of the LZO Bank & Thrift Directory, and from regulator data in dBase form I built, I contributed to developing a credit scoring model that quality-rated banks and thrifts as a proxy for rating their CDs
  • Financial Analyst – Credit Analysis/Counter-party Credit Risk (and project-contract-temporary, etc):
  • Used/analyzed GAAP; RAP data: “Call”, Y9-C reports, Focus Reports for broker/dealers, North American based financial institutions, credit card banks, financial service cos, broker/dealers, ETNs, also analyzing US subsidiaries (“subs”) and foreign subs in Europe, Asia of US based financial institutions (some translating from French, Spanish)
  • Reviewed Y2K, operations/IT compliance, some editing of Counterparty ISDA docs used for adjusting global exposures to credit counterparties
  • Provided credit analysis using internal credit utility software on Global 1000 cos. at a global bank for Senior Management
  • For Treasury, Controller, determined profits and losses from trading: derivatives – options, swaps, hedges; forward rate agreements, FX; A/L gap analysis in Sybase, G/L work for CFO of large European bank US sub
  • For dealing with, solving systems issues and reporting differences in at a global bank’s Global Asset Management, I reconciled portfolio performance of large private wealth clients’ portfolios to Custody’s reports
  • Medium Term Notes: Transactions and Collateral Due Diligence, coordination with Traders/Trading Banks
  • Other Related Experience­ Full CV, Transactions List)
  • Financial Services consulting: Dodd Frank Resolution Plan/PMO business development, related consulting
  • Financial analysis, transactions, and product development on other sectors: CFTC public due process comment on Event driven commodity contracts; “Stress” Tests public due process comment
  • Analysis of Accounting/Financial Reporting; Risk Management, Regulation and Legislation
  • Basel III Public due process comment; Basel II macro/micro (some policy) Analysis
  • Analysis of mortgage products, mortgage equity products and associated companies

EDUCATION and OTHER: ATTRIBUTES, ACTIVITIES; (Transactions , References List Provided Upon Request)

Franklin & Marshall College, Lancaster, PA, Degree: B. A.  Major/minor: Business Management/Economics, “Finance”. Advanced research in Money & Banking: “Capital Adequacy in Commercial Banking”; Accounting: “Barter revenue as a component in Revenue Recognition”; Additional 24 credits in Accounting and Economics/Econometrics (F&M) 2004/Feb-May; Econometric/quantitative review of Gramm Leach Bliley mandated study of the profitability of lending under the Community Reinvestment Act, in process. Extracurricular activities: varsity field hockey& lacrosse (de facto regionally, nationally ranked).


Columbia University, NY, NY. Public Economics with research: ‘Shadow Pricing of Foreign Exchange”; Spanish.

Baruch College: Accounting Certificate, Budgeting and QuickBooks, Audit 


Present: New York Society of Security Analysts “NYSSA” Committees: –Financial Reporting and Analysis, Corporate Governance/Shareholder Rights; Sustainable Investing.

Former: Professional Risk Managers’ Investment Association “PRMIA”; Quantitative Work Alliance For Applied Finance Economics and Wisdom “QWAFAFEW”. New York State Society of Certified Public Accountants; Foreign Policy Assn.; American Assn for the Advancement of Science (AAAS).

Community/Civic/Social memberships, endeavors have included:: The Penn Club of New York; Greenwich Field Hockey Club VP-88/90; 93 Empire State Games gold medal winning field hockey team. Whitehall Club; Downtown A/C-Audit Committee, Instructor w/Sons & Daughters Program; Computer instructor at Fountain House.

President’s Council on Physical Fitness Award, 2 years.


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