Christ Life Ministries links to and wordpress

Christ Life Ministries
Pastor Michael Terrone
109-28 221 Street
Queens Village, New York

Phone to call anytime for prayer, questions about the Messages and Itinerary
718-465-1248 home evening however more has to be built on this wordpress page

Other ministries I ‘support’ and/or respect:

Son Life ministries – Jimmie Swaggart and his Wife, Frances, and son Donny and grandson Gabriel, although they still believe in the ‘Rapture’ and give a pass to the nation state of Israel. God in Hosea divorced  Israel and Judah, so the contrivance of man in the middle east that is called Israel shouldn’t be put on any pedestal.

I also somewhat support Light of the City Ministries, although out in the Boeing/Microsoft mind controlled Seattle, the jesuits and the nsa perps have done a goon job on that ministry and it’s been having some tough battles while the pastor has been involved with new ‘family’ and the cares and worries of this life. I can’t condemn him completely, knowing that battle.

And my friends and brothers/sisters in our Lord Yeshua and the Heavenly Father:  Kehilath Haderekh The Way 

Kehilath HaDerekh (Congregation of the way) is a Messianic Jewish Synagogue of Jews as well as non Jews of calling, committed to Torah, Jewish Life, and ..

I also read The Trumpet, by the Philadelphia Church in God,  This organization and magazine have been fairly good on 4th Reich Germany and its contemporary role as the secular state partner with the Vatican for ‘holy roman empire’.


~~~~~~~~~~~~  and

and also now and also both high quality sources for skulduggery.


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2 Responses to Christ Life Ministries links to and wordpress

  1. Thoughtful article – I am thankful for the insight ! Does someone know where my assistant could possibly get a blank a form form to complete ?

    • apsoras1 says:

      Hello Fritz, contact Michael Terrone. That contact info is on this site. One may reach him in Queens Village, NY. His name is listed, but even put his name in a search engine for contact information on him.

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