Andrea Psoras’ “Bio”

Andrea Psoras is an established financial institutions and financial sector analyst, who has worked as an M&A (combinations/divestitures and related, private equity, “recaps”-bailouts, ‘resolutions’ engagements) investment banker on the execution side, as well as a counter-party credit risk analyst covering North American based financial institutions while consulting for one of the world’s largest banks.

With regard to other commercial activity with which she is involved, years before waste to energy and ‘green’ tech became popular, she became involved with, and an owner in a waste-to-energy/’green’/clean tech steel client which co-gens clean electricity.

Skilled in a variety of analytical disciplines-strengths, well informed (and on a number of commercial/industrial sectors) and knowledgeable of domestic as well as global economic and political subjects, some would consider her the analysts’ Analyst.

She is an active member of the New York Society of Security Analysts, serving on its Committees for Improved Corporate Reporting, Corporate Governance/Shareholder Rights, and Sustainable Investing (formerly known as the Committee for Socially Responsible Investing). She is a co-author of the NYSSA’s Corporate Governance Handbook as well as having been an active committee member dealing with Corporate Reporting matters within the context of Financial Regulation and the public reporting model-framework.

She is active in community affairs. Also active at the federal level with legislation and regulatory matters involving the financial sectors, she has also attended to matters involving Community Reinvestment and Economic Development, the markets, the general regulatory framework for publicly traded companies, commerce-trade, science-research, and ‘intelligence’ issues.  In 2008, Jeffrey Boss ran for President with Andrea Psoras as Vice President on his ballot.

She occasionally blogs under the name ‘benfranklinrepublican’ and her own consulting and counseling firm, Strategic Advisory, has its website at although that is still ‘in-the-works’. She also posts at as well as at

Some other commentary she authored is found at:

A graduate of Franklin & Marshall College, she earned her BA with a concentration in Business Management, with substantial additional study in Economics and Accounting.


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